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  • California Housing Finance Agency –state bond funds for first time buyer loans and assistance programs
  • CHDAP – California Homebuyers Downpayment Assistance Program.  This silent (no payments) second provides three percent of purchase price to down or closing or both.  The geographic is all California and the income restriction is 140% AMI.  Please follow the CalHFA link below for more detailed description.
  • Borrower’s minimum investment – one percent of perchase price for the CalHFA FHA, CHDAP and three percent for CalHFA first
  • Geographic restrictions – entire state of California
  • Income restrictions – vary with progam but more generous that 80% AMI
  • Must be first time homebuyer except in designated census tracks
  • Calhome – federal down payment assistance for 80% AMI and lower first time buyers for $25,000 to $38, 000.  This is a 3% simple interest silent second administered by Community Housing Works,  Please call me for more details as they are not available on their website.

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